TechOps Managed Services

Customer obsession,
meet technical excellence.

Technology is exciting. Transformative. Powerful. But also mission critical. That's why we built our next-gen managed services team - Idea 11 TechOps. Our TechOps managed services team supports and manages mission critical AWS and hybrid environments on behalf of our customers - 24x7x365.

We've purpose built our team, services and processes for the future, where customers are moving away from traditional infrastructure into new cloud-first, code based solutions. We manage hybrid environments brilliantly, but few others can manage next-generation environments like we do.

Our key ingredients are technical excellence and customer obsession. We instil both into every Idea 11 employee.

That's what sets us apart.

Customer obsessed management

We believe IT should be a high-performance, frictionless service. Our managed services are built around our specialist, customer obsessed team, with the goal of enabling customers to focus on their own business and on driving value internally, while we use our expertise to manage and maintain their technology environment.

We've built our TechOps managed service with both innovation and customer obsession at its core. We see technology innovation rapidly changing the way our customers do business, so we've built a proactive managed services model that enables our team to respond in kind. After all, as an extension to your team, we consider ourselves a part of your business.

We've simplified our services to suit the cloud future. We provide 3 tiers of AWS managed services so that you can select what best suits your business, as well as optional hybrid services to extend support to your on-premises technology.

A simple methodology

We maintain a collaborative, multi-level team to support and manage your 24x7x365 mission-critical environment. Sounds complicated, but we have a simple methodology:

  • Manage - we manage your technology environment, making sure that it is proactively patched, maintained, secured, performing and efficient.
  • Monitor - we provide advanced monitoring to watch for signs of performance or stability issues, or other events that may impact you - whether now or in the future.
  • Support - we support you through our service desk, with options of being the IT Service Desk for your IT Service Desk, or for support directly for your business.
  • Report - we report on your environment, our services, and proactive reviews and recommendations to move you forward.

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